Sally Fairclough artwork for sale alongside other artists local to Anglesey and further afield. We have a range of art supplies and welcome amateur and professional artists into the gallery to talk about the supplies they use and want.

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  • Beth Knight - Cardigan Wales

    Beth Knight is based near Cardigan, having recently moved back to Wales from Suffolk. Alongside being a wildlife illustrator, she produces lino cut artwork inspired by the spirit of nature and the story of landscapes. She creates pieces with depth and atmosphere, developing techniques to capture light, distance and detail - pushing the boundaries of what is expected from lino printing!

    Beth welcomes enquiries for lino cut or illustration commissions.

  • Celia Hume

    My work is inspired by my two biggest passions, painting and people. It has been described as having a “calm intensity”. This depth of feeling is derived from my endeavour to make sense of the fragility of the human psyche and I strive to capture the undeniable essence of a person.

    There is a strong connection between storytelling and portraiture and each of my portraits, as with every person, has a story to tell. Following the tradition of surface/textile design I create patterns and images to complement the portrait, drawing my inspiration from the shapes, colours, and patterns I find in nature.

  • Charlotte Baxter

    Her work acknowledges the rhythms and cycles of nature and the dynamic beauty she observes in the landscape. She is often drawn to the places where water meets the land, finding the visual contrasts between these two elements particularly inspiring.

    Charlotte works primarily with relief printing methods and finds great freedom within the confines of the printmaking process with each element bringing its own unique opportunities for the unexpected to happen.

    She uses a variety of tools to cut away and reveal the image from the block often working intuitively to add texture and pattern using the natural chisel marks to depict the forms she experiences in the landscape around her. She then prints the carved blocks in succession altering the colour and transparency of the ink in response to the previous layers to give the desired effect.

  • Jane Evans

    Jane Evans is the UK’s leading practioner of the art of Gyotaku. Originally used by Japanese fishermen before the invention of the camera as way to record their catch; she has made the art form her own by using her own unique compostion and colour pallette. For the past two years she has been a member of the European Society of Gyotaku and exhibited in the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual exhibition.  Being recognised by other Gyotaku makers and marine artists is testament to how hard she has worked to master her art. 

  • Mollie Brotherton - France

    The medium of clay provides the perfect material in which to express my thoughts and ideas about the wonder of the wildness around us. My studio is buried deep in the rural landscape of the Gers, in SW France, where I have lived and worked for nearly 20 years.

    The landscape is forever changing with the passage of man, agriculture and the inevitable changing of the seasons. It is this that creates a rich tapestry of flora that I find so enchanting. My work hopefully expresses these ideas of richness, layering and the depth of nature’s beauty.

    Every piece is hand built using a variety of techniques, but slab building is core. I impress rolled clay with plants, found objects and blocks that I carve by hand. I use plants, such as Cow-parsley and Honesty because I am drawn to their architectural qualities as well as the clear graphic line they create, which contrasts with the washes of colour. Colours are applied in many layers using slip, liquid wax and paper resist and then scrafitto and oxides to enhance textures and plant forms. All my work is made from a white grogged stoneware and fired to 1260°c in an electric kin.

  • The crafty guillemot (Lille Latham) - Penmon, Anglesey

    Lillemor Latham, working under the name of The Crafty Guillemot, creates small batches of wheel-thrown stoneware ceramics in her studio in Penmon. Having grown up and moved back to North Wales after graduating from Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2019, Lillemor's inspiration for ceramic form, texture and glaze work draws from the impressive natural landscapes of the coast of Ynys Môn and the mountains of Eryri. 

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